Conformal Cooling

After hearing about Melotte’s expertise in 3D made conformal cooling solutions, CurTec contacted us with a specific problem with one of its existing products.
CurTec suffered difficulty with filling a particular mold uniformly causing fill and flow lines.
Melotte's engineering team & Additive Manufacturing specialists analyzed Curtec’s problem and proposed re-engineering of the sprue bushing and sprue bush cooling. Design of a larger injection opening and 3D Printing of the re-engineered sprue bushing with conformal cooling were the perfect solution to solve the customer’s problem.

Now the injection moulding process is completely under control. The resin fills the mold completely, flow lines do not longer occur and cooling time was reduced with 4.5 seconds, meaning 10% of the total cycle time. The original problems are gone and the product matches the original product measurements. Also the injection location is hardly visual, where in the past Curtec got comments about the sharp injection point.

For more information about Conformal Cooling and Project Ideas or if you want to receive our Conformal Cooling leaflet please contact Melotte.


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