Air Distribution plate

The customer designed a production line for mixing powders for medical applications. Different compounds are wetted to ensure the best mixing results after wich the mixture has to be dried again. The air distribution plate is used in the drier to transform suspensions or solutions into dry, freeflowing, dustless granules. More than 9000 minuscule small holes of Ø 0,95 mm(+/-0.01mm) in the air distribution plate, positioned under angle, create an optimal flow in the granulator.

Due to the thin wall thickness of the plates and the tendency of 316L to warp during prouction, Melotte had to develop a specialized milling strategy to ensure the part's high tolerances.  Using our 5-axis milling machines and constant tool monitoring all the holes are made in their exact location and specific angle. The plates are then electropolished to mirror finish to remove all possible anchor points for dirt or debris and to ease cleaning the parts to pharmaceutical standards.

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