3D metal printing is also suitable for highly loaded components, such as ignition systems for space launchers

01 Mar 2021

Aerospace Propulsion Products, which is a subsidiary of ArianeGroup, develops and manufactures ignition systems for space launchers. These launchers are invaluable not only for science but also for our daily lives. Navigation systems, weather forecasts, telecommunications, and disaster control rely on satellites. Rockets bring satellites to their destination: in orbit around the earth.


In view of the complex geometry of this rocket igniter component, Melotte was called upon to assist with the 3D metal printing. The igniter component was printed in stainless steel (316L). The igniter, including this 3D-printed component, was built into Avio's Z40 engine for testing purposes.

This video shows the results of the successful testing of the Z40 engine with Melotte’s 3D-printed metal part inside it:


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