The advantages of 3D metal printing

12 Jan 2021

Once completely unimaginable, but 3D metal printing is a reality today. It is a technology that offers businesses many advantages over conventional manufacturing

A primary advantage of 3D printing is that it enables greater freedom of design. As a result, a complex web pattern, in which coolant can flow, can be printed under the surface of an injection mold. This enables faster cooling and a shorter cycle time for opening and closing the mold. As a result, more parts can be produced within the same period of time.


In addition, different functionalities can be integrated into one part. Whereas a customer previously needed 6 components to produce a nozzle (for compressed air), these 6 components can now be integrated into a single, more precisely designed part, with better performance of each of its functions. 

Finally, there’s the weight saving. Using traditional production techniques, a hydraulic block is typically manufactured from a solid block, in which various holes are made. With 3D printing, this solid block can be reduced to tubes that are connected to each other by means of a reinforcing structure. The result is a much lighter hydraulic block. This offers significant added value, for example in the transport sector. 

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