Coordinate grinding: technology for making high-precision holes and cylinders

19 Mar 2021

Coordinate grinding is a grinding technology in which a grinding pin is rotated at very high speeds (e.g. 60,000 rpm) while the pin performs a rising and falling motion. This type of grinding allows holes in hardened mold plates to be finished to within approximately one micron. These machines are usually also equipped with a CNC control that allows any path to be programmed. This makes it possible to grind an external diameter (e.g. a mold guide pillar) or any other profile with the same grinding pin.  

The accompanying video illustrates the possible applications.

Therefore, if you have (hardened) parts with very accurate holes, cylinders or profiles, come to Melotte. We have two Hauser coordinate grinding machines, a CNC-controlled Hauser S35 (range 300 mm x 500 mm x 450 mm), and a conventional Hauser 3S (range: 250 mm x 400 mm x 450 mm).

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