DDM News: Forming Pipe Assembly

16 Jul 2010
As innovative partner, Melotte has significant expertise on developing solutions within the scope of Direct Digital Manufacturing.
Herewith we are presenting you such a state-of-the-art project, called “Forming Pipe Assembly” which Melotte just finished for one of its customers. It is a fantastic example to prove how Additive Manufacturing helps to reduce waste, weight and emissions during the production process.
This assembly of high quality material Inconel 718 components is thin (only 1 mm) and has free form transport channels inside. Due to its geometrical complexity it is impossible to cast.
In comparison to the conventional part equivalent we profit material savings as well as savings on production cost and time. To be continued...

On the picture (from left to right): Mario, Bram and John, members of the Melotte DDM Team.

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