Fascinating result of the cooperation between an expressive creator and an inspiring entrepreneur.

13 Jan 2014

Frederik De Wilde and Melotte present the most black titanium sculpture in the world.

Big data and carbon (graphene) are next to 3D printing two fundamental ways for shaping the transition of the European economy. Today the Belgian artist Frederik De Wilde and Melotte present the result of their cooperation where these ways have been treated together, meaning a first big step in the integration of big data and Carbon Nano Tubes for Melotte’s business model.

It shall not be a surprise that this project is a cooperation between front-end technological research and integration of art. It becomes even more astonishing knowing that the third partner is no one less than the American aeronautics and aerospace organisation NASA.  

Since several years, together with NASA the artist is exploring “blacker than black”; meaning a black realised by means of carbon nano tubes and nanotechnology. The cooperation is prolonged and the result NASAblck-Crcl #1 that will be presented at the New Media Art Fair at Munich (Germany) is a wonderful proof of concept for the cross-over application between art, science, technology and entrepreneurial expertise.

The demonstration project M1Ne#1 is a representation of the old mine shafts. By means of advanced computer software this 2D environment was translated into a complex 3D shape and afterwards digitally adjusted for 3D print technology. The object surface was adjusted which created the perfect subsoil for letting grow Carbon Nano Tubes. The result is an amazing piece of optical fascination; the 3D structure is so deep black that all reflection disappears originating an optical illusion. 3D becomes 2D again or the well known black hole!

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