02 Mar 2010

After winning the ITM Award in the category "Best Practice in Manufacturing" last year and the Voka Chamber of Commerce Innovation Award 2009, Melotte was selected by the Belgian Cleantechplatform to become a Cleantech Ambassador. is a project of the University of Hasselt (Belgium) together with the investment company LRM who started a project for stimulating and extending Cleantech activities in the province of Limburg and the region of Flanders (Belgium) by corroborating interaction and co-operation between companies, investors, the authorities, consumers and knowledge centers. The platform is looking for durable innovation to optimally use economic opportunities and possibilities of environment as well as energy technology.

Melotte is a Belgian company worldwide active in development and manufacturing of high-precision parts for the biomedical, petrochemical and nuclear industry, aeronautics and tooling. Besides this business Melotte acts as an incubation center for new technology and is a pioneer in Direct Digital Manufacturing. Starting from powder metals the company produces parts by laser technology in its digital factory.

Cleantechplatform recognizes the foundation of Melotte’s successful future, meaning a well-considered combination of advanced conventional production methods, Digital Design, Additive Manufacturing Processes and state-of-the-art finishing technologies within the frame of Melotte’s company vision “Technologies to prevent Global Warming”.
Melotte’s contribution to fight global warming is the maximum reduction of energy consumption by means of manufacture efficiency rather than investments in the production of green energy. The company has put this into practice since the recent renovation of the office building according to the principles of Passiv House. Optimization of the building envelope with recyclable materials, balanced ventilation and heat recuperation of the laser machines to warm the meeting rooms and offices proof this every day.

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