Melotte invests in new wire EDM

27 May 2021

Melotte, the Zonhoven-based subsidiary of Picanol Group, has invested in a new wire EDM. Melotte specializes in the low-volume production of high-precision parts, complex shapes, and special materials. Traditional production methods, such as turning, milling, grinding, and spark erosion, as well as innovative 3D printing techniques, are used.

A recent investment made by the sparking department is the AgieCharmilles CUT P 550. This machine belongs to the latest generation of wire EDMs and it has a number of new functionalities and advantages:

  • The Spark Track platform monitors the distribution of sparks along the wire. ISPS is a smart protection system that optimizes the machining process without the risk of wire breakage. Spark Track collects and processes data that ISPS uses to automatically check and adjust the cutting parameters. This not only ensures optimal machine efficiency but also delivers a better and safer cutting process, without wire breakage.
  • The iWire add-on software module, which is based on the Spark Track platform, reduces wire consumption, especially for workpieces with large height differences, or where the top or the bottom end cannot be placed against the workpiece.
  • Turbo Tech is a new standard technology that is faster than the Speed technology currently used on wire EDMs, and it is compatible with the Spark Track platform. It offers an excellent compromise between speed and accuracy in both good and poor flushing conditions.
  • The Uniqua user interface increases productivity and allows priorities to be revised at any time in order to get the most out of the machines.

The machine is also equipped with an ITS rotary table that allows for very efficient sparking of rotationally symmetrical parts.

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