MELOTTE NOMINATED for "Best of 10 years Industry Awards"

01 Apr 2014

Please vote for Melotte and support our nomination now.  

Back in 2009 Melotte won the ITM Industry Award for the project ‘Magnesium moulding of high precision autowinder drums’, a complex, high value component used for automatic winding.

From that moment on Melotte received awards year after year: the “Innovation Award, VOKA Chamber of Commerce, the VOKA “All Star Innovation Hero” Award, the “ProF-Award for Innovation and Social Economy” as recognition for radical innovations and the impact on local employment as well as the National Energy Globe Award 2013, the most prestigious award for sustainable technology development.

Several years ago Mario Fleurinck, CEO Melotte, already realized that globalization is not the right answer to a sustainable and liveable society for everyone. Anno 2014 Melotte’s business model proves sustainability because disruptive manufacturing is replaced by clean production technology with a minimum use of raw materials, less energy and leverage on local sustainable manufacturing eco systems. It is Melotte’s ultimate goal to roll out a network of digital factories in order to manufacture finished products as close as possible to the consumer.

When you are convinced that local production is needed to change the manufacturing paradigm in order to reduce the impact of manufacturing on our society we endorse you to vote for MELOTTE and THANK YOU for your support.


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