Melotte produces newly-designed disc brakes - for the Agoria Solar Team’s solar car

01 Sep 2022

Remember the Agoria Solar Team?

Melotte has once again collaborated with the Agoria Solar Team this year on its latest solar car. Melotte produced newly-designed disc brakes and delivered them to very precise specifications. 

Some of the engineering students at KU Leuven have been working on the car for a year to prepare it for the Sasol Solar Challenge, which will run from September 9 - 16, over more than 4,000 kilometers, in South Africa. This will be the first time that the Belgian team is participating in this competition on the African continent. The challenge for the student teams from all over the world will be to cover as much distance as possible, over the course of eight days, using solar energy. We’d like to wish the Agoria Solar Team every success with their challenge!

By the way, did you know that the members of the Agoria Solar Team set a new world record this year?

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Photo credits by: Agoria Solar Team

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