Melotte selected as GOM Service Partner

04 Dec 2015

Melotte has been selected as service partner by GOM, a global industry partner, developing and producing optical measurement solutions and technologies for 3D coordinate measurement and deformation analysis.

Thanks to 3D Optical Scanning Technology from GOM different freeform products can be measured in an efficient and fast way. Melotte can offer you services at any stage of production. Single part and series measurement for geometrical and alignment verification, deformation analysis, 3d troubleshooting of existing parts or processes and statistical process evaluations. We offer posibilities to make fast prototypes, modifications of existing parts and virtual and physical 3D copies by use of innovative production technologies & high precision tooling.

In case of missing CAD data or if your supplier is no longer capable of obtaining desired parts Melotte can generate new CAD data based on 3D measurements. Broken parts can be re-engineered, modifications can be made and optimisations can be added. This in combination with our tooling capabilities means we can manage your supply chain from design to finished product. 

 After obtaining the digital data Melotte is able to compare directly with the original CAD file. Color plot reports are generated for fast vizualisation of full field deviations. When you need a more detailed inspection report primitives (cylinders, cones, planes, lines, etc.) can be generated from mesh data for precise measurements, quality control or reverse engineering.

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