From now on at Melotte: In house laser welding

16 Jan 2017

Recently Melotte installed a 300Watt laser welding system. In the last weeks of 2016 Melotte’s technicians have been trained to create welding programs for various types of materials. After a few days, operating the system comes as natural for our operators who are used to high precision jobs.

Laser Welding is very important when it comes to mold repairs. With the welding system in house, time consuming logistics can be avoided. Customers will be serviced faster and better. Not only will Melotte use the laser welding system for mold repairs. Laser welding proves a perfect tool to extend the life time of tools, cutters and gauges by adding a thin layer of material to the worn out surfaces. After reworking the parts are just as new. Further Melotte also uses Laser welding in the assembly process of delicate parts who would otherwise melt if welded with traditional welding methods.

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