Stepping up a gear with Melotte

03 Nov 2021

The production of LDPE (low-density polyethylene) requires highly specialized knowledge. “The same can be said of all products that are processed in the petrochemical industry,” says Romain Schepers of Melotte. “The high-pressure components used in the production plants are therefore very carefully engineered to meet the highest quality standards.” We talked to this industry expert to find out more.

The details are important
For anyone who has been working with high-pressure components for the petrochemical industry for years – 43 to be exact in Romain Schepers’ case – things like studies, procedures, material certificates, and surface treatments no longer hold any secrets. “And yet I learn something new every day,” says Romain. “I love working on the front line in a niche field like petrochemicals. The industry puts a premium on the quality of components that are put to the test on a daily basis and have to withstand a liquid and gas pressure of 3,000 bars and more.” So it’s no coincidence that all the major petrochemical companies turn their sights on Zonhoven, where Melotte has its head office, knowing that they will have access to not only world-class experts but also state-of-the-art equipment.

Understanding each other
Sometimes customers come to us with just a rough sketch on graph paper. That’s fine by us (laughs). We discuss exactly what the component will be used for and what matters to them. Our customers know they can rely on us to provide a complete service: from engineering to production, from concept through to finished product. And that saves them an enormous amount of time and energy. Just give us the nod and we can turn a sketch into a detailed 3D design that can go straight into production once it’s been approved. Or we can brainstorm with them on how to redesign an existing component that plays an important part in a particular machine, but is no longer available elsewhere. We understand each other and help our customers perform better. And that’s what it’s all about really.

Fast reactions
It’s exciting working with our customers developing advanced components that meet all their stringent requirements. We love helping them find solutions for the long term. But we also feel it’s important to be able to step up quickly when necessary. So if one of our customers has a problem, it’s all hands on deck to deal with it promptly and efficiently, even at the weekend or on a public holiday. That’s something else our customers really appreciate.

“Just give us the nod and we can turn a sketch into a detailed 3D design”
Romain Schepers, Melotte

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