The untapped potential of 3D Metal Printing

04 Jun 2021

3D Metal Printing is well past its experimental stage. This production method is categorized as an Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology and is indispensable for the fast, sustainable, and economically viable manufacture of industrial components.

There is still a great deal of confusion about 3D Metal Printing in particular: as to whether it might be too specialized, but also expensive and, at the same time, less precise. Also, using metal as a printing material seems less obvious than plastic. Right or wrong? In practice, 3D Metal Printing can add tremendous value, provided there is a willingness to rethink and redesign the original design according to the distinct possibilities of 3D Metal Printing. Having met these conditions, 3D Metal Printing can open up considerable untapped potential for manufacturing.

This White Paper gives a brief overview of the technology and all of its pros and cons.

Download your copy here!

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