Using cobots in response to the shortage of technically-trained operators

27 Sep 2022

Melotte, with its focus on single-piece and small-series production, is also experiencing pressure to increase productivity levels. And experienced, technically-trained operators are currently hard to find. 

Therefore, automation could be the answer. This is because it allows a single operator to run several machines simultaneously. And this is why Melotte is aiming to eliminate monotonous, manual tasks - by robotizing them. The strategy will give our employees more time to work on various projects, as well as offer them more variety in their tasks.

Industrial robots require high levels of investment and complicated programming, which means that automation is mainly used in large series manufacturing. At Melotte, however, a cobot would bring significant benefits, as our biggest series only comprises approximately 100 pieces. Moreover, cobots are cheaper than industrial robots, and much easier to program.

It was for this reason that Melotte recently invested in cobots for small-series applications.

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