We will be present at Prototyping 2016 and Precision Fair

05 Oct 2016

Come and meet us at one of the following events, let's discuss what 3D metal printing and high precision tooling can mean for your business in collaboration with an experienced partner. 

As we did last year we confirm our presence at Prototyping2016, a connection platform bringing together everyone in the prototyping industry, including both creative and manufacturing activities, as well at the Precision Fair 2016, the meeting point for Precision technology.

Prototyping2016 takes place at KortijkXpo from 9 to 10 November and Melotte will be at booth 591. We recommend you to register on the website off the event using following link.
If you're interested in 3D metal printing for industrial applications please come and listing to our seminary about conformal cooling. This will be at room BETA november 10, 11.06u-11.12u.

The Precision Fair will be held in Veldhoven from 16 to 17 November. With Melotte's 50 year of experience in precision tooling and 10 year in 3D metal printing, the Precision Fair is the ideal place to match our experience against your requirements. Come and meet us at booth 189. Both Prototyping2016 and the Precision Fair are free to visit, Click Here for registering your visit to the Precision Fair.

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