Aerospace Propulsion Products, which is a subsidiary of ArianeGroup, develops and manufactures ignition systems for space launchers. These launchers are invaluable not only for science but also for our daily lives.
At Melotte, we strive to be the most reliable partner for our customers.
Melotte has recently launched a training course on “Design for additive manufacturing”, in which product design is reconsidered from the point of view of the capabilities of 3D metal printing.
Once completely unimaginable, but 3D metal printing is a reality today. It is a technology that offers businesses many advantages over conventional manufacturing. 
Melotte, the Zonhoven, Limburg, technology company, which specializes in high-tech precision parts, 3D metal printing and more, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.
More and more punch molds are being supplied as part of an automated production line. However, the design of these punch molds unfortunately does not always receive the necessary attention.