Micro Extruder

Melotte was tasked with the re-engineering of their existing extruder developed for the plastics industry to pharmaceutical standards
Some of the requested features are:

  • The assembly has to be cleaned to medical specifications between tests
  • Substantial reduction of downtime between concurring tests
  • Compounds have to be cooled while being added to the mixture

To achieve these requirements Melotte developed a quick-release mounting system to easily remove the extruder barrel from the docking station. This enables the user to thoroughly clean all the parts in existing processing installations and reduces a lot of issues with cleanliness. A funnel was designed with internal conformal cooling channels to enable even cooling of the compounds throughout the production process. The funnel was made using 3D metal printing and finished on our 5-Axis milling machines. Our engineers' extensive knowledge about material specifications combined with their knowledge about surface treatments guarantees the best wear resistance and the longest tool life possible.

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