Thanks to ongoing development in digital and conventional manufacturing Melotte succeeds in creating more added value for her customers.

Are you eager to explore the applications of 3D Printing, know how to use 3D Modeling Software and learn how to create a printable design for 3D Printing, From solid to functional part? Melotte offers CAD Design, CAM Programming and 3D Design Training.

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3D Optical Scanning means capturing the physical shape of any object and converting it into a digital format. This non contact digitizing is done with Melotte’s blue light scanner which offers great flexibility. Data obtained from freeform surfaces are highly accurate, fast and can be processed for reverse engineering, rapid machining and quality control.

Thanks to 3D Optical Scanning from GOM different freeform products can be measured in an efficient and fast way. After obtaining the digital data Melotte is able to compare directly with the original CAD file. Color plot reports are generated for fast vizualisation of full field deviations. When you need a more detailed inspection report primitives (cylinders, cones, planes, lines, etc.) can be generated from mesh data for precise measurements, quality control or reverse engineering.

In combination with Additive Manufacturing Melotte is continuously improving quality and quality control.  

Melotte helps engineers and designers to replace existing design methods or create new product features (e.g. lightweight, freeform, internal channels, new difficult shapes, honeycomb structures, etc.) during the R&D process.

Melotte is your qualified partner for R&D Support, Reverse Engineering, Prototyping, Topografical Optimization and FEM Analysis. FEM is best understood from its practical application, known as Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Simulation tools for structural analysis, thermal management and flow optimization help you design a part that conforms to all the technical requirements while ensuring an optimal balance between material, weight and strength.

Melotte uses specific product and service standards in order to meet customer needs. Our Quality Control is a continuous process that ensures manufacturing of high quality products and guarantees a high level of monitoring and reporting.

Melotte is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Melotte offers clean room (Class 10000) activities such as:

  • assembly of mechatronica solutions (semiconductor)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Mirror polishing
  • 3D measuring & Contour tracing
  • Hardness, roundness, profile scanning, etc.